Hello World, I'm Cody ✌️

Hello World, I'm Cody ✌️

Oct 26, 2021·

2 min read

I'm Cody Uhi.

I want to start a blog to share my experiences in technology and in life, with the hope that the things I write can help others. Whether it be through a coding blog post that helps you get out of a coding rut, a motivational post that helps you push through a hard time, or a personal post that shows the humanity behind a life in tech, I hope that you find something for you in my little corner of the internet.

Here are some things about me that can help you to understand who I am and where I come from:

🧑‍💻 I'm a Site Reliability Engineer at an innovative tech company in Lehi, Utah.

🎓 I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science in 2021.

🪖 I'm a Signal Support System Specialist (25U) in the U.S. Army Reserves.

💻 My previous work experience includes being a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Instructure, a Crisis Informatics Researcher at Brigham Young University, and a Cyber Operations Officer for the U.S. Government.

🕊️ My dad immigrated to the United States from Tonga in the South Pacific. My Mom comes from English heritage.

🏝️ I lived in the Philippines for two years and speak Tagalog.

🎏 I'm a fan of Japanese culture. I like watching anime and am learning Japanese.

🏋️ I like to exercise and take care of my body. I also like to stay in touch with what's trending and in-style with clothes.

🎮 When I have time, I like to play all sorts of different video games.

Thanks for stopping by for my first post! In the future, I will make posts related to technology and the other things that I have shared about myself here.

Much Aloha 🐠 😊