Starting with HTML (HTML Part 1)

Starting with HTML (HTML Part 1)

Oct 27, 2021·

1 min read

Starting with HTML (HTML Part 1)


This tutorial will introduce you to HTML and give you a sample of code that you can use to make your first webpage.

HTML stands for "Hypertext Markup Language." It's a coding language that lets you define the structure of a webpage. This means that if you write specific words and characters in a special way (the syntax), you can change the way your webpage looks.


  1. Create a file and label it "hello.html"
  2. In the file, type the contents of the code snippet that I've provided here (I'll explain what this all means in a future post)
  1. Click on the file in your file system to get it to open in a browser. You should see "Hello" in the browser window and on the tab of the browser that you have open.



Congratulations, you made your first webpage! Follow for more content on what all the code is doing and how to make this webpage better.